Pilates Based Movement Therapy


60 Minute Session
1 Private   $ 110
5 Private  $ 525 ( $ 105 each )
10 Private $ 1000 ( $ 100 each )
20 Private $ 2000 ( $ 100 each)
Tax included.

Introductory assessment

In the introductory assessment we will discuss your history and goals followed by a movement observation. Depending on what we discover I may help facilitate some movement for you and provide some guided exercises that you can develop into a homework plan.

The idea of the first assessment session is to build some awareness of how you are moving, sitting, standing, and walking.  Additionally, to gain some sensation or awareness of how you might move with more support or freedom.  If you can only see me for a couple sessions, that can be very helpful. I generally recommend a commitment of at least ten sessions. What I offer is movement education and like learning a new language, it takes time to get fluent.


Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

These session can be a combination of both Craniosacral Therapy and Dynamic Embodiment™, depending on your specific needs.

This option is only available for current clients



Dynamic Embodiment Classes

No group classes for now until further notice.

This is a “play time” offered for movement educators or curious students to investigate any idea that we may be interested in for the purpose of self development.

Our investigations will be grounded in somatic movement based education. Specifically, the creative process of Dynamic Embodiment™.

We will learn to embody our anatomy and systems in creative ways, explore ways of observing and being with others, and practice articulating and sharing our own experiences. Topics or themes will be set by the group (your requests), or myself. We will keep it simple to learn more deeply, fully, confidently.


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Teacher Training

Hire me to teach experiential anatomy in your teacher training program whether it be Pilates, yoga, or some other movement based training.

Learn about your own

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Basic biomechanics
  • Developmental Movement

By talking, visualizing, moving and experiencing it for yourself. 




Booking Policy

Your session is reserved for you upon booking. If you are unable to attend, 24 hours notice is required to avoid full charge. Thank you for your understanding.